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autotransformers single three phase Brioschi electric transformers
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For more than 30 years ...

...Our company is specialized in the construction of small and medium size Electric Transformers.
Thanks to our technical and production structures, we are able to study and implement the best solutions in various application ?elds. Furthermore, we build and produce appliances with special specifications upon the buyer's request
All our products meet national and international standards, and are accurately made with highly tested materials, in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001-Vision quality assurance models.
The standard tropicalization treatment is done by impregnating the elements in appropriate tubs containing isolating paints that usually guarantee protection against corrosion, humidity and dust. On request and whenever necessary, autoclave vacuum treatment is done, to guarantee durability over time.
The undeniable quality of our products comes from a full compliance with regulation requirements and with tests carried out on all the products, in addition to periodic checks made through internal tests and by the IMQ Certification Body which has approved a wide range of products.
We believe these innovations, which aim at enhancing the quality and performance of our products, help in increasingly qualify your company and commercial action in the dif?cult national and international markets.